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Agricultural Council discusses the single CMO

The first Agricultural Council under the Danish Presidency chaired by Danish Agriculture Minister Mette Gjerskov discussed the Commission’s proposed single CMO regulation last Monday. Divisions were evident over sugar quotas, but a positive sign was the number of ministers who expressly opposed the continued use of export subsidies.

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The CAP at Fifty

Today, the European Commission has launched the fiftieth anniversary of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Commission’s campaign wants to emphasise the CAP as a cornerstone of European integration, as a policy that has provided European citizens with half a century of food security and a living countryside. No one wants to spoil a good party, but of course the overall balance sheet of the CAP remains controversial, to say the least.

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More on the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-A)

Some further information on the Commission’s plans for the EIPA-A is now in the public domain, but we are still waiting for a Communication to spell out how exactly it will contribute to strengthening innovation in the agri-food sector.

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Commission projects unchanged sugar market following quota elimination

The Commission’s expectations for the EU sugar market following the end of sugar quotas in 2015 are contained in its market outlook to 2020 publication published last month. The elimination of quotas is expected to have a negligible impact on the EU sugar market.

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The challenge of moving to the regional model

Moving to the regional model of basic income support poses considerable challenges for member states which currently use the historical model. An Irish proposal seeks to create a linkage between the mechanism used for converging payments across member states and flattening payments within member states, but will it fly?

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The legislative timeline for CAP reform

MEP Mairead McGuinness points out that the timeline for the legislative procedure on CAP reform is very tight, with even the possibility the current regime would need be rolled over one year into 2014.

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Updated analysis of Commission legislative proposals

Updated and revised analysis of the trade and development implications of the Commission’s legislative proposals published.

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Production effects of moving to flatter structure of direct payments

Redistributing direct payments between and across Member States will have only marginal effects on EU production, recent studies show.

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Updating the base period for SPS entitlements

Fears that proposal to use 2014 as the basis for new updated entitlements in Commission’s legislative proposal could lead to a land grab that would disrupt land rental markets.

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What is the likely cost of greening Pillar 1?

The Commission estimates that the gross cost of the green measures in Pillar 1 will be at least €5 billion, although the cost to farmers will be lower because reduced market supply will help to raise product prices. Is this the best way of spending €5 billion to maximise the value of the additional environmental benefits produced by farmers?

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Commission’s home truths on the CAP

An obscure consultation document reveals what the Commission really thinks about the future of the CAP

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The Commission communication leak in full

It is traditional that the Commission leaks a near-final version of its communications on CAP reform. Here’s this year’s.

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Franco-German position on future of the CAP

In the past, when France and Germany have worked together, they have been able to dictate the future of the CAP. A new policy position seeks to preserve this tradition.

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Public goods in the spotlight

‘Public money for public goods’ has become a powerful slogan in the battle for the future of the CAP. But what does it mean?

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A three pillar CAP?

Two pillars are not enough for a sustainable future for the CAP, say leading agricultural economists.

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CAP Reform Conversations: Ariel Brunner, BirdLife International

The second in a series of in-depth conversations with leading figures in the debate on the future of the CAP.

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NMS farm ministers flex their muscles

Farm ministers from the new member states of central and eastern Europe meet to mount a defence of a large agricultural budget after 2013.

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Barroso CAP Vision: Motherhood & apple pie

Just as it’s hard to love Commission President José Manuel Barroso, it’s hard to loathe him. Maybe that’s why he’s the ultimate compromise candidate and has just secured a second five year term of office. President Barroso has just published political guidelines for the next Commission, setting out his stall for a ’2020 vision’ of [...]

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