Formulating interests of NMS in the CAP post-2013

Representatives of nine Central European Chambers of Agriculture gathered in Budapest in 28-29 November 2011 to have a discussion on the latest proposals of the European Commission on the future of the CAP. By the end of the meeting, a Joint Declaration has been signed, expressing the interests of the New Member States (NMS) in the future of the CAP.

The Declaration starts with the strong statement that the accession had an overall negative impact on NMS agriculture as its size and power has lost ground. Therefore the declaration clearly states that NMS have expected fundamental changes in the design of the CAP post-2013 and are highly disappointed with the recent proposals of the Commission.… Read the rest

The green menu system: an idea worth considering

The recently published analysis of Groupe de Bruges (GDB) starts with demonstrating the challenges agriculture faces in the 21st century and points out that one of the biggest challenges will be to increase the production of sufficient, nutritious and high quality food for a growing world population while massively improving land use and management performance. In this context, the analysis criticises Commission proposals as they lack many important issues such as urgency, systems approach and integrated perspectives.

As to the lack of urgency, the analysis states that the Commission does not seem to realise that the European Union is in its biggest crisis ever and therefore does not provide any plans for acute natural/food security crisis.… Read the rest