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Including LULUCF in the EU’s 2030 climate policy target

EU consultation on how to include agriculture, forestry and other land uses in its climate policy framework after 2020 closes today.

Levelling the playing field for land-based enterprises in Ireland

Forestry needs a level playing field with livestock.

Removal of vineyard planting rights will require another French Revolution

Historical parallels show the immense difficulties in eliminating vine planting rights.

Food prices, poverty and the CAP

Agricultural price policy is a very poor instrument to use to steer consumers' food consumption and diet choices.

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Alan Matthews

Alan Matthews is Professor Emeritus of European Agricultural Policy in the Department of Economics at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. His major research interests are agricultural policy analysis, the impact of international trade on developing countries, and computable general equilibrium analysis of trade and agricultural policy reforms. He has worked as a consultant to the European Parliament, the OECD, the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations and the UN Industrial Development Organisation, and has been a panel member in a number of WTO Dispute Settlement procedures. He is a former President of the European Association of Agricultural Economists but writes here in a personal capacity.