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The cost of flat-rate agri-environmental measures

New study of agri-environment schemes shows that it is worth going for more individualised, complex schemes in spite of the much higher administrative costs implied by this approach.

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On the complexity of defining active farmers

It seems that the definition of an active farmer is harder than one might expect at first sight.

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Basic Direct Payments for EU Farmers: The Proposal of the Commission of the EU

The EU Commission’s proposal to introduce changes in direct payments is based on the perception that a new rationale for these payments is needed. But the new justification for direct payments proposed by the Commission is not convincing as this post explains.

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Who cares about capping?

It seems that the introduction of capping is irrelevant to almost all stakeholders and therefore can result in a political consensus.

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Evolving alliance for saving the status quo

A new alliance, led by France, seems to have arisen to save the status quo in the CAP post-2013.

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