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Emil Erjavec is Professor of Agricultural Policy and Economics and Vice Dean at the Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana Slovenia. His professional expertise includes various aspects of agricultural and rural development policy, especially CAP, EU integration, sector modelling and policy impact assessments. He has been national coordinator of various EU FP projects and invited speaker to the conferences on EU integration and agricultural policy issues. In the years 1998-2004 he was the member of negotiation team for EU-accession of Slovenia responsible for agriculture. Since 2008, he is President of the Slovene Association of Agricultural Economists (DAES) and a member of the EAAE Board.

Recent blog posts written by Emil Erjavec

CAP strategic planning: scope and implications

We are pleased to welcome this guest post by Emil Erjavec, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Policy and Law at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a version of his keynote speech to be delivered at the “The future of the CAP – L’avenir de la PAC” conference organised by Société Française d’Économie Rurale at [...]

The CAP Communication: Paradigmatic change or empty rhetoric?

The CAP Communication would give Member States greater freedom to design policies, but this move still requires precise guidance by the European Commission, as well as clear accountability.

Back to the CAP’s future: An interest- or evidence-based policy?

The start of a new CAP reform discussion opens up possibilities for thorough reflection regarding the policy frame of this ever-contentious European policy. Should its conceptual framework be rebuilt from scratch?

The Reform of the CAP: One Year After

The last CAP reform is a pure political-game compromise and no paradigmatic change. Before the implementation of the new regulations has even begun to take place, the CAP is already in need of new reform.

EIP: has the role of knowledge in agriculture been rediscovered?

Brussels EIP stakeholders event on 19th November 2012: support for new agricultural innovation networking with many open questions about the implementation.

Gunfight for CAP Budget Money

The CAP budget negotiations have started to heat up, negotiators have formed the clubs of like-minded countries. Also this time negotiations are mostly a (gun)fight for preserving or improving the net position of Member States.

Why no “Green Revolution” in new Member States?

  Competitiveness and innovation in the agriculture of new Member States before EU accession can be assessed as relatively poor. In a part of the area, the situation even resembled the situation in developing countries. In the parts where a certain level of development was achieved, i.e. closer to the Central Europe part of EU, [...]

Greening of the CAP: is the “Emperor Naked”?

The post is discussing whether the substance of the proposed greening of the CAP even allows for a more targeted and environmentally tailored orientation of the policy, or is it more about the fight for preservation of the money for agriculture. The answer could be that the green conditioning of the direct payments not only lacks a clearly defined target, which could lead to additional administrative problems, but also its environmental effects and economic justification are questionable.

New CAP income payment could produce new policy failures

The new CAP reform should take account of the differentiation of the level of payments by the use of land.