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Ulrich Koester is Professor at the University of Kiel. He got his education in agriculture and economics at the universities of Hohenheim, Gießen, Saarbrücken an Göttingen. He became Professor at the University of Göttingenm in 1972. In 1978 he moved to the Univesity of Kiel where he is still teaching and doing research. He has serve for 22 years as a member of the Scientifc Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Recent blog posts written by Ulrich Koester

The use of CAP impact indicators for policy evaluation

The methodology proposed by the Commission to evaluate the Common Agricultural Policy Pillar 1 is not well-designed to yield sensible results.

Discarding food vs. starving people – Inefficient and immoral?

Food waste is now a hotly discussed issue, but recent studies greatly overstate the size of the problem and the extent to which reducing food waste would help the world’s hungry.

Basic Direct Payments for EU Farmers: The Proposal of the Commission of the EU

The EU Commission’s proposal to introduce changes in direct payments is based on the perception that a new rationale for these payments is needed. But the new justification for direct payments proposed by the Commission is not convincing as this post explains.

‘Greening’ – a return to compulsory set-aside

Is a return to set-aside the best way of achieving environmental objectives?