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A tale of two visions

The German government has recently announced its position on the post-2013 CAP – which is at loggerheads with the call for reforms published by its scientific advisory bodies.

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The limits of (evaluating) rural development policies

The mid-term evaluation of the 2007-13 rural development programs is underway. Its results will provide crucial input for the post-2013 CAP. But the inherent limitations of evaluation should equally inform policy design.

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The development angle

The CAP is still hurting developing countries, say the UN and the OECD. But will European development NGOs engage in the battle over the future of the CAP?

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10 May: Sugar is sweeter

This week’s digest of CAP-related news and views

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Who will guard the guardians?

How effective is the evaluation of rural development policy? A practitioner’s opinion and a seminar.

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EU boosts farm subsidy millionaires by more than 20 per cent in 2009 reveals who got what from the CAP in 2009

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