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Heads you win, tails I lose

For some, farm subsidies are the answer to every problem

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Doha round agreement would leave EU farm subsidies untouched

Decoupling means EU has plenty of headroom if a WTO agreement to cap trade-distorting farm subsidies is reached

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Ciolos hearing at the House of Commons

On 13 January, Dacian Ciolos gave testimony to the UK Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on CAP reform.

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Food for thought against food security concerns

In December 2010, food prices exceeded the dramatic peak they had reached during the global food crisis in 2007/08. But food security is a weak argument for a ‘strong’ CAP.

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Commission’s home truths on the CAP

An obscure consultation document reveals what the Commission really thinks about the future of the CAP

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EU budget debate advances

The likely size of the EU budget in the next financial perspective period (the length of which still remains to be decided, whether 2013-2000 or 2013-2024) became a little clearer last month with the publication of a letter to the President of the European Commission signed by five Member States including France, Germany and the [...]

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