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Cyprus Presidency proposes CAP budget cut in next MFF

Cyprus Presidency recognises for first time that Commission’s proposed CAP budget is unrealistic.

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COMAGRI CAP2020 amendments published

Links to the COMAGRI amendments to the Commission’s draft regulations on CAP post 2013.

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New opportunities to visualise agricultural data

Data visualisation software from Google helps to see trends in agricultural data.

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Discarding food vs. starving people – Inefficient and immoral?

Food waste is now a hotly discussed issue, but recent studies greatly overstate the size of the problem and the extent to which reducing food waste would help the world’s hungry.

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Perspectives on the CAP2020 debate

Three recent presentations summarise the state of the CAP reform debate at this point.

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COMAGRI Chair calls for maintenance of CAP budget in real terms

Draft COMAGRI report calls to maintain CAP spending in real terms in the 2014-2020 MFF period..

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How much progress has been made on agreeing the 2014-2020 MFF?

Only limited progress has been made in narrowing the divergences of view on the EU’s medium-term financial framework. Time is running out and the stakes are high.

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What role for agriculture in rural development?

The CAP is partially justified because of its contribution to ‘viable rural communities’ but the relationship between agriculture and non-agricultural development is as likely to be competitive as complementary.

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Is selling ‘experiences’ a potential growth path for European agriculture?

Does the ‘experience economy’ in which consumers pay premium prices for products and services that provide additional intangible ‘experiences’ constitute a viable growth path for European agriculture?

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