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Cyprus Presidency progress report on CAP reform – direct payment controversies

Discussion on Cyprus Presidency CAP reform progress report at Agricultural Council this week will highlight divisions on internal convergence and greening in the direct payments regulation.

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Correction: Rural development funds allocation

There has been much interest in the provenance of the figures on the allocation of rural development funding between member states which I discussed in this post earlier this week. In the post I said that these were figures circulated by Herman van Rompuy during the special European Council meeting to discuss the MFF on [...]

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Understanding the ‘active farmer’ debate

Proposed definition of active farmers restores link between production and payments.

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Rural development funds allocation hits new member states

What new member states gain through convergence of Pillar 1 payments they could lose in Pillar 2 allocations under the latest Van Rompuy proposals.

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EIP: has the role of knowledge in agriculture been rediscovered?

Brussels EIP stakeholders event on 19th November 2012: support for new agricultural innovation networking with many open questions about the implementation.

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