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Promoting innovation through the EIP Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability

How will member states mainstream the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability into their forthcoming rural development programmes?

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Paolo De Castro on the CAP Reform Process

Rose O’Donovan, editor of the excellent Agra-Facts, has interviewed Paolo De Castro, CAP reform veteran and currently holding a key role as Chairman of the European Parliament’s agriculture committee. Worth a watch.

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Implications of the European Council MFF agreement for the agricultural environment

This is a shortened version of a post which was first written for the Institute for International and European Affairs EnvironmentNexus blog From the perspective of the agricultural environment, there are three elements in the European Council conclusions on the EU’s Multi-annual Financial Framework on 7-8 February which should be noted. The first element is [...]

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What the proposed MFF has for agriculture?

A new budget for 2014-2020 has been agreed by the Council yesterday, suggesting that the CAP will not change remarkably in the future.

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Will the MFF be agreed this week?

Even if the European Council agree on a new 7-year EU budget this week, approval by the Parliament is not a foregone conclusion.

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The MFF numbers – where we stand

Use this MFF ready reckoner to evaluate the proposal put by van Rompuy to European Council leaders later this week.

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