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How MEPs voted on CAP reform

Find out how your MEPs voted on the CAP reform regulations

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Evolution of the direct payments regulation

Compare the evolution of amendments to the CAP direct payments regulation over the course of the legislative process.

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Are we really moving forward?

It seems that all the main stakeholders in the future CAP debate find we are moving forward. However, it depends on what we call forward.

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Implications of the new redistributive payment

For those member states that introduce it, the redistributive payment can introduce a much more significant degree of progressivity into CAP payments than what we have seen heretofore.

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The biodiversity consequences of killing Ecological Focus Areas

After the December 2012 Council proposed amendments, the vote of the COMAGRI on January 24, 2013 de facto kills any hope of deriving any serious biodiversity benefit from the CAP reform. The COMAGRI amendments are particularly fatal to the Ecological Focus Area (EFA) measure.

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