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Birdlife : CAP reform is dead

Birdlife perspective on the final outcome of the Ciolos CAP reform

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The Ciolos CAP reform

The Agricultural Council yesterday concluded the legislative process on the 2013 CAP reform. This post discusses the factors shaping the Ciolos reform.

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Changing patterns of global agrifood trade

Developing countries are now the dynamic motor behind the growth in global agrifood trade.

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EU agriculture: impacts of climate change

New study of the impact of climate change on European agriculture shows how full adaptation can mitigate the negative effects and exploit the possible opportunities.

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Does national spending on agriculture follow a different path to the CAP?

The relative stability in CAP spending in the 2014-2020 MFF compared to the 2007-2013 MFF suggests that different political economy factors play out in negotiating the EU budget for agriculture than at the national level.

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