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Commitments to rural development spending 76% below forecast in 2014

The publication by the Commission of its second Draft Amending Budget (DAB No.2) to the EU’s 2015 budget this week reveals in stark figures the extent of the hiatus in CAP rural development spending caused by the delays in passing the relevant legislation and in approving rural development programmes. I first highlighted how approval of [...]

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Agricultural implications of British EU withdrawal for rest of the EU

A UK withdrawal from the EU would raise trade costs for EU farm and food exporters and importers to and from the UK, depending on the trade arrangements in place after withdrawal.

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Impact of the MFF negotiations on the CAP 2013 reform

How did the parallel negotiations on the size and composition of the MFF influence the outcome of the 2013 CAP reform?

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Simplification as a top priority in 2015

What can we expect in 2015 from the CAP simplification agenda?

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