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What has changed in the published Commission communication?

The formal Commission communication on the future of the CAP published today, and which Jack Thurston has summarised below in his own inimical way, had become available some weeks ago in a leaked version when it went into inter-service consultation. It is an interesting exercise to deduce, from a comparison of the two versions, what [...]

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Commission blueprint for future of the CAP

Commission explains why it’s vital the EU pays its farmers but puts off big decisions for another day.

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What ‘common’ agricultural policy?

New maps from DG Regio show the uneven benefits of CAP spending

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French government fighting itself

French environment and agriculture ministers in public dust up over the future direction of the CAP

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The surge in sugar prices

Why are rising sugar prices not feeding through into the market for ethanol feedstocks?

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Court of Auditors criticises sugar reform

The European Court of Auditors today released a report reviewing the outcome of the 2006 sugar regime reform. The Court makes some criticisms of the design of the 2006 reform, but more important are its findings and recommendations which are likely to feed into the debate on the shape of the CAP post-2013. Here the [...]

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French environment ministry coming out in favour of a green CAP

The French Ministry of the environment has spectacularly broken ranks with the Ministry of agriculture by publishing its vision β€˜For a sustainable agricultural policy in 2013’. The 17-page document does not beat about the bush: it calls for a radical overhaul and puts down numbers. After stormy protests, it has been withdrawn from the Ministry webpage.

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Battle heats up on indirect land use change effects of biofuels

The EU renewables target of 10% of transport fuel by 2020 to be met mainly by biofuels has been heavily criticised for its potential impact on diverting land from food to fuel production and thus putting upward pressure on food prices. Another source of criticism is whether it does actually contribute to reducing overall greenhouse [...]

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The CAP and semi-subsistence farmers

One result of the last two enlargements in 2004 and 2007 was to bring millions of small farms into the EU, most of which are either subsistence farms (SFs) or semi-subsistence farms (SSFs). Various definitions of what is a subsistence or semi-subsistence farm exist (see the background paper on this topic by Sophia Davidova and [...]

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