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A triumph for the Irish Presidency – a damp squib for CAP reform

A flurry of activity in the past two days under the Irish Presidency opens the path to approval of the new CAP regulations in September.

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The June Agricultural Council issues paper

Presidency issues paper defines the outstanding issues and possible compromises for a political agreement in the CAP reform trilogue process.

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The June Agricultural Council

At this stage, none of the parties are contemplating the options if there is no agreement following the June Agricultural Council next week.

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The MFF compromise texts

While it will be difficult for the Parliament to accept, now is not the time for it to use the blunderbuss of its veto power by rejecting the MFF for an unprecedented time.

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Provisional MFF agreement still to be approved

The compromise MFF agreement is a major achievement for the Irish Presidency but approval by the Council and the Parliament will be a rocky process.

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Tuesday 18 June – high noon (or long midnight) for an MFF agreement?

With the MFF negotiations between Council and Parliament headings towards a high-noon showdown next Tuesday 18 June, this post recalls the steps in the trilogue process to this point.

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What will change in EU rural development policies after 2013?

Presentation by Francesco Mantino discusses what we can expect in next rural development programmes following CAP reform.

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Where stand the CAP reform negotiations?

Two presentations at a conference of Italian agricultural economists in Parma last week summarise the state of CAP reform negotiations

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