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The 2014 CAP transition year

Political agreement reached on CAP transition provisions for 2014.

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Comparing support levels across countries

George Lyon MEP claims Scottish Government argument that Scottish farmers are hard done by under the CAP is not credible.

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Life after Bali for the WTO Doha Round

New working paper examines the stalled Doha Round negotiations in agriculture and examines the options facing the multilateral trading system.

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The distribution of CAP payments by member state

Scottish Government tables on CAP payments by member state show differences are reducing, but remain substantial.

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Budget impasse creates uncertainty over December farm payments

Budget battles between the Council and Parliament : what they might mean for farm payments in December

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Did we really need the Milk Package?

Does the gradual increase in producers’ and processor’s share of the final milk price in recent years mean the Milk Package was redundant?

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