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Promoting rural jobs through the CAP

Using agricultural policy to create jobs has a clear opportunity cost which must be factored into decision-making.

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CAP – out of the box thinking

RISE Foundation report argues for significant changes in the way the CAP budget is spent.

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Does the Basic Payment make farmers lazy?

The Basic Payment may encourage some farmers to adopt an easy life, but it also facilitates efficiency-improving investment

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Is a level playing field an argument for continued support to UK agriculture after Brexit?

We are pleased to publish this guest post by David Blandford (Penn State University) and Berkeley Hill (Imperial College London). The President of the National Farmers Union (NFU) of England and Wales told the Food Manufacture Group’s Business Leaders’ Forum (Feb 14, 2017) that the NFU is currently actively lobbying the UK government to ensure [...]

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The CAP and agricultural employment

Conflicting evidence whether CAP has helped to retain jobs in agriculture

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COMAGRI co-rapporteur proposes Omnibus Regulation amendments

COMAGRI co-rapporteur on the Omnibus Regulation explains reasons for his amendments

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The viability of EU farms

Around one-third of EU farm holdings are economically vulnerable, indicating potential for significant structural change

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AGRIFISH Council meeting underlines pressures to reverse CAP reform

Conclusions from March 2017 AGRIFISH Council meeting indicate support for return to aspects of the old CAP.

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COMAGRI rapporteur’s draft amendments to Omnibus Regulation

Some of De Castro’s proposed amendments to the Omnibus Regulation will likely prove controversial.

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