Jamie Oliveoil explains the politics of the CAP

I don’t much agree with the Taxpayer Alliance, a right-wing campaign group based in London. The TA thinks taxes are theft and believes governments are rife with waste, fraud and abuse. I think paying taxes is patriotic and believe most public servants are well motivated and do a good job. The TA uses the CAP as a stick to beat the EU. I think the CAP gives the EU a bad name and want to see it reformed because I am a strong supporter of the EU.

Our differences aside, I’ll admit that TA has produced an amusing viral video to publicise its new report on the economics and the politics of the CAP, featuring a spoof of Jamie Oliver, the TV chef. Be warned, the report itself doesn’t have much greater analytical depth than the video. But that shouldn’t be much of a surprise as it was written by a former researcher to loony tunes MEP and YouTube sensation Daniel Hannan who, only a few years ago, was waxing lyrical about the economic miracle of, erm, Iceland. Anyway, check out Jamie Oliveoil after the jump.

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