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Mitigation potential in EU agriculture

Commission impact assessment of proposed Effort Sharing Regulation may have deliberately down-played scope for agricultural mitigation

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Is agriculture off the hook in the EU’s 2030 climate policy?

Impact assessment indicates no additional agricultural mitigation required to achieve EU 2030 climate targets

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Lost in Climate Change Reports

By reading recent reports on mitigating climate change, even those familiar with the topic might get lost.

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Informal Agricultural Council to discuss climate-smart agriculture

The Luxembourg informal Agriculture Council will discuss climate-smart agriculture.

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The Energy Union package and agriculture

The Energy Union package sets out that key pieces of legislation determining how climate targets will impact on agriculture will be published in 2016.

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Agriculture in the 2030 Climate and Energy Package

The treatment of agriculture in the EU’s climate change targets for 2030 will still remain unclear after the European Council meeting later this week.

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Agriculture in the Commission’s climate policy to 2030

Commission hints at new treatment of agriculture and LULUCF in future climate policy

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What Durban means for EU agriculture

Decisions at the Durban climate conference will have potentially important effects for the challenges facing EU farming as it attempts to reduce its carbon footprint in order to meet EU greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

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Carbon efficiency and trade policy

In an earlier post, I wondered whether there were data on the relative carbon efficiency of agricultural production in Europe versus third countries. A recent FAO study arising from a collaborative effort by FAO and the International Dairy Federation which assesses GHG emissions from the dairy food chain throws light on this. The study uses [...]

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Informal meeting Agricultural Ministers in Sweden 14-15 September to discuss agriculture and climate change

The Swedes have chosen to highlight agriculture and climate change at the informal agricultural council meeting next week. The discussion will be built around three questions: 1. Climate change is of great concern for the future competitiveness of EU agriculture and this challenge is being dealt with at all levels. While the framework is set [...]

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Is EU agriculture carbon-efficient?

A relatively new argument being used to justify support for agricultural production in the EU is that reductions in EU food production would be made up by increases elsewhere where less efficient production systems exist and thus would result in a heavier carbon footprint. This raises the question whether this statement is factually correct and [...]

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Vision for the future of the CAP

The influential Land Use Policy Group will be launching their vision for the future of the CAP after 2013 in Brussels on March 30th. This will be an important event in the long-term effort to clarify thinking about future policy so that it delivers benefits to the environment and rural communities.

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The methane menace and hamburgers

A paper on the contribution to climate change of livestock methane emissions has found that the problem is likely to get worse as global demand for meat and dairy products increases. Dr Andy Thorpe, an economist at Portsmouth University, found that a single herd of 200 cows can produce annual emissions of methane roughly equivalent [...]

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New Humboldt University report on global market trends

Another study forecasting higher real food prices for the next decade has recently been published by three authors associated with the Humboldt University in Berlin led by Professor Harald von Witzke. The working paper provides a useful qualitative survey of the reasons why agricultural supply will have difficulty in keeping up with the demand for [...]

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France asks “Who will feed the world?”

The French government has launched a new website as part of the run-up to a conference it will hold on 3 July, at the very beginning of France’s 6-month EU Presidency, to discuss the future of European and global agriculture. Entitled “Qui va nourrir le monde?” (Who will feed the world), the debate is being [...]

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New studies show biofuels increase carbon emissions

Two new studies published in Science magazine add to the mounting evidence that most biofuels are actually increasing carbon emissions, rather than reducing them. The current boom in biofuels in the EU and US is entirely driven by government policies and subsidies, which are invariably presented as a way of addressing climate change by reducing [...]

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Food security: woolly thinking and self defeating solutions

As Jack Thurston has well exposed in his recent entry, the “food security” argument seems to be the new rally call for those trying to justify continuation of untargetted payments to farmers, or even a return to production support (albeit disguised as “risk management”, “income insurance” and the like). At a recent debate I was [...]

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Meat: facing the dilemmas

The excellent Food Ethics published by the Food Ethics Council has devoted its latest issue to this theme. You can read excerpts online here. There are a lot of issues related to increasing meat consumption: climate change; health issues; water scarcity and biodiversity loss from clearing forests to make way for pasture and feed production; [...]

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