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Tangermann pulls Commission reform plans to pieces

Stefan Tangermann, Professor Emeritus at the University of Gottingen and former Director of the Trade and Agriculture Division of the OECD, has produced a devastating critique of the Commission’s CAP post-2013 communication for the European Parliament.

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French environmentalists try the rough way

A hard-hitting advertising campaign by French environmentalists has inflamed the national debate on agriculture, but will it result in a greener CAP?

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Sustainable intenstification

‘More from less’ is the new mantra in science circles. Will someone tell the European Parliament?

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How the CAP budget is perceived by the Member States

A new paper by Franco Sotte shows how examining the ex post importance of CAP payments in the EU budget rather than their ex ante shares gives a different understanding of how Member States benefit from the CAP budget.

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The challenge of reducing agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions

Changing consumption patterns, not production systems, offers the best way to reduce the contribution of farming to climate change

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Developing country impacts of the next CAP reform

I would like to use this post to draw attention to a recent paper which I wrote for the International Centre for Sustainable Trade and Development which examined how developing countries might be affected by the Commission’s proposals for CAP reform set out in the November 2010 communication. One of the positive features in the [...]

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