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Paper on CAP greening

Links to a recent paper and report I have written on CAP greening

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A mandatory minimum spending requirement on agri-environment-climate change measures in Pillar 2?

Attempts to water down the mandatory spending limits on agri-environment-climate measures should be resisted.

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What Rio+20 has for the CAP?

20 years have passed since the Earth Summit was organised in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) will also be held in Rio this week and the apparent question comes what has happened in 20 years time. Almost nothing, many argue, as global sustainability is more on the [...]

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More supply management demanded in COMAGRI single CMO report

Michel Dantin’s draft COMAGRI report on the single Common Market Organisation regulation would allow producer organisations greater powers to manage supply particularly in crisis situations.

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Danish Presidency CAP reform progress report

The Danish Presidency has made some progress in narrowing the differences in Council on the CAP negotiating texts.

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COMAGRI draft report on rural development

The Capoulas Santos draft rapporteur’s report accepts the broad lines of the Commission’s proposal – greater coordination with other structural funds, abolition of the axes, more encouragement for innovation, inclusion of support for risk management – and concentrates on fine tuning some of its specific elements.

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London Olympics opening ceremony chimes with greening vision for the CAP

The dazzling opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a triumph of discipline, choreography, stagecraft. London will host the games later this summer and it was announced today that the 2012 opening ceremony will take an altogether different, gentler approach. The 2012 Olympics will open with a pastoral representation of the countryside comprising a [...]

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COMAGRI draft report on direct payments regulation

COMAGRI draft rapporteur’s report on direct payments addresses some of the concerns of Member States, but the overall environmental ambition likely to be delivered by this reform remains unclear.

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How the EU market looks to food exporters

The EU’s tariff regime for agri-food imports is highly discriminatory, intended to benefit developing countries in particular. But tariff barriers are still important for Southern Mediterrananean countries and South Africa.

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More thoughts on the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture

The slowdown in total factor productivity growth in agriculture needs to be reversed, but there continues to be a lack of clarity about the Commission’s proposals and what they will mean in practice.

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