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The greying of Europe’s farmers

Europe’s farmers are getting older because of fundamental economic and demographic factors. There is little that age-specific agricultural policies can do to reverse or even slow this trend.

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Why no “Green Revolution” in new Member States?

  Competitiveness and innovation in the agriculture of new Member States before EU accession can be assessed as relatively poor. In a part of the area, the situation even resembled the situation in developing countries. In the parts where a certain level of development was achieved, i.e. closer to the Central Europe part of EU, [...]

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Court of Auditors wants clearer objectives for post-2013 CAP reform

Court criticises the Commission’s legislative proposals for failing to identify clear objectives which would allow the performance of CAP policies to be properly assessed.

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Cross compliance for labour laws?

The Global Mail reports on a shocking case of alleged abuses of migrant workers in the Spanish horticulture industry, concentrated in the southern Spanish region of Almería along a 200km strip of hothouses known as el mar de plásticos. This is where much of Europe’s salad vegetable crop is grown. Allegations range from payment below [...]

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How the CAP contributes to world market food price volatility

How the CAP’s tariff policy contributes to international price volatility.

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What is rural development about?

On 1 January 2011, 41% of EU-27 population lived in urban regions, 35% in intermediate regions and only 23% in rural regions, as suggested by the latest release of Eurostat. What is more, the population of urban regions grew by 5.2 per 1000 inhabitants, that of intermediate regions by 2.2‰, while rural regions decreased by [...]

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Latest EU AMS notification confirms declining trend in WTO amber box support

The latest EU notification of domestic support to the WTO contains no surprises, and documents the continuing downward trend in amber box support in the EU total.

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Are the CAP 2013 proposals a major reform?

A new Notre Europe study sees some merits in the Commission’s CAP 2013 proposals while arguing that it falls short of a major reform, but the proposals are defended as an initial step which can be further corrected and amended in future reforms.

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End the use of export subsidies in the 2013 CAP review

The opportunity should be taken to remove export subsidies from the Single Common Market Organisation regulation in the review of the CAP post-2013.

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EU biomass targets put pressure on global land resources

The EU’s renewable energy targets and not just biofuel mandates have potentially adverse effects for rural communities in developing countries, but requiring sustainability criteria is only a partial solution.

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