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Rethinking EU budget spending on agriculture in the next MFF

How can the next Multiannual Financial Framework support a more efficient CAP?

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Will there be a CAP reform in 2017?

Will there be a CAP mid-term review in 2017? And, if so, what should it do?

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The CAP and biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity through the CAP requires more spatially targeted schemes in Pillar 2.

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What biodiversity benefits can we expect from EFAs?

Why limited biodiversity benefits are expected from EFA implementation under CAP reform

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Scrap the crop diversification greening requirement and find a sensible replacement

The CAP crop diversification greening requirement is a scandalous waste of resources.

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The Reform of the CAP: One Year After

The last CAP reform is a pure political-game compromise and no paradigmatic change. Before the implementation of the new regulations has even begun to take place, the CAP is already in need of new reform.

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Where stand the CAP reform negotiations?

Two presentations at a conference of Italian agricultural economists in Parma last week summarise the state of CAP reform negotiations

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A short bibliography on CAP greening

Links to a short bibliography on CAP greening

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What farmers should do to qualify for the new CAP green payment

The Council and Parliament will struggle to reconcile their differences over how much flexibility to allow to member states and farmers in deciding eligibliity for the green payment in Pillar 1.

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Following the negotiations on the Direct Payments Regulation

As regards the direct payments regulation, both legislative institutions are converging on a similar set of proposals and no issue sticks out which might cause real difficulties when the trilogue negotiations begin.

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Forum on CAP reform

Series of papers on the CAP reform process provide excellent overview of key issues

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Cyprus Presidency progress report on CAP reform – direct payment controversies

Discussion on Cyprus Presidency CAP reform progress report at Agricultural Council this week will highlight divisions on internal convergence and greening in the direct payments regulation.

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Council debate on greening raises more questions than answers

Watching the videostream of the Agricultural Council’s greening debate held earlier this week was a rather depressing experience. There is something profoundly wrong with a decision-making system where food and agricultural policy is determined solely by agricultural ministers who speak on behalf of their farmers only, with only the Commission present to even vaguely represent [...]

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What potential agroforestry holds for the future CAP?

A recent conference organised in the European Parliament brought agroforestry to the heart of the discussion on the CAP reform.

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Farmer-friendly ideas on greening

COPA-COGECA comes out with new ideas on greening but they help little to tackle its fundamental problem.

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Further thoughts on CAP greening

New paper provides useful summary of the CAP greening debate to date.

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Paper on CAP greening

Links to a recent paper and report I have written on CAP greening

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Delivering environmental benefits through agri-environment schemes

New IEEP study shows the inappropriateness of mandating fixed and uniform management actions across the whole of the EU to achieve environmental goals. Existing entry-level agri-environment schemes in member states involve very diverse management practices which are often revised in the light of experience.

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The cost of flat-rate agri-environmental measures

New study of agri-environment schemes shows that it is worth going for more individualised, complex schemes in spite of the much higher administrative costs implied by this approach.

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