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Brexit and Irish agri-food trade

Unless the UK can be persuaded to stay in the EU customs union, the value of Irish agri-food trade would suffer a swingeing cut.

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When is enough taxpayer aid enough?

The high dependence of Irish family farm income on public support must give pause for thought.

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Greenhouse gas emission targets and Irish agriculture

Land use change must be part of the optimal mix to address Ireland’s challenging task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Food Wise 2025 agri-food strategy launched in Ireland

Environmental assessment of new Irish agri-food expansion strategy side-steps the vital questions.

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Levelling the playing field for land-based enterprises in Ireland

Forestry needs a level playing field with livestock.

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Distributing farm payments in Ireland

Submission outlining my views on convergence, flexibility and coupling in the implementation of the Direct Payments regulation in Ireland

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The challenge of moving to the regional model

Moving to the regional model of basic income support poses considerable challenges for member states which currently use the historical model. An Irish proposal seeks to create a linkage between the mechanism used for converging payments across member states and flattening payments within member states, but will it fly?

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