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Which EU countries will bear the brunt of a hard Brexit?

Re-introducing tariffs on UK-EU trade would significantly reduce trade in certain sectors including foodstuffs

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WTO EU Trade Policy Review 2013

Latest WTO review of EU trade policy shows marginal fall in average MFN applied tariffs but there are still many tariff peaks.

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OECD reports EU farm transfers at lowest level ever

OECD figures show a continued slight fall in EU transfers to farmers as measured by the Producer Support Estimate indicator.

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How the EU market looks to food exporters

The EU’s tariff regime for agri-food imports is highly discriminatory, intended to benefit developing countries in particular. But tariff barriers are still important for Southern Mediterrananean countries and South Africa.

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Will the right tariff average stand up?

New tariff database allows assessment of EU agricultural protection in a global context.

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How the CAP contributes to world market food price volatility

How the CAP’s tariff policy contributes to international price volatility.

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