Where to find data on EU export refunds?

Recently, I was looking for an internet source for EU export refunds – not overall expenditure, but the refund rates for individual commodities by month. What I was hoping to find was an Excel worksheet which set out this information, but it seems extraordinarily hard to come by. The nearest I could get was the excellent webpage on export refunds for milk and meat products maintained by OFIVAL, the French marketing agency. However, the data here take the form of pdf files containing the information every time the refund levels are changed, and it would be extremely tedious to transfer this into an Excel file. Another excellent site is Datum, hosted by the UK Dairyco. Here the information on export refunds for dairy products is updated weekly, and it is also possible to download an Excel file with historical data, but of course the data only covers dairy. The Commission’s CIRCA network also seems to have pdf versions of export refunds – you can view the sugar data here – but access to CIRCA more generally and to its interest groups requires one to register so I don’t know if similar information for other CAP commodities is also available here. Again the drawback is that the information is not available in Excel format. Do any readers have other suggestions where this information could be found?

Update 6 March 2015. The Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine maintain a very complete database of all EU regulations on export refunds going back to 2001. The drawback is that one has to plough through the regulations to derive the refund rates for any commodity over time.

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