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Will the right tariff average stand up?

New tariff database allows assessment of EU agricultural protection in a global context.

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Macroeconomic conditionality and rural development funding

The Commission’s proposal to make rural development funding conditional on macroeconomic good behaviour in the next MFF might not be a good idea.

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The political economy of eliminating sugar quotas in 2015

Sugar producers and processers line up against sugar users in the debate on eliminating sugar quotas in 2015.

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Where stand the MFF negotiations on the CAP?

The MFF negotiating box dealing with CAP issues gives a good idea of the extent of the disagreements that must be bridged before a successful outcome.

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Achieving green growth in EU agriculture

The EU’s efforts to promote green growth in the food and agriculture sectors do not seem commensurate with the level of ambition required.

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Silence please: The second act has just started on greening

Latest evidence shows that negotiations on greening have moved to their second stage. Since 12 October 2011, numerous critiques have arisen regarding the greening proposals criticised as ineffective and overly-restrictive for farmers. As a response to these, the European Commission proposed making some farming practices ‘equivalent’ to the three greening measures last Tuesday. Practically, this [...]

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Delivering environmental benefits through agri-environment schemes

New IEEP study shows the inappropriateness of mandating fixed and uniform management actions across the whole of the EU to achieve environmental goals. Existing entry-level agri-environment schemes in member states involve very diverse management practices which are often revised in the light of experience.

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Who needs the Basic Payment Scheme?

A Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is about to replace the SPS and the SAPS from 2014, therefore payment entitlements obtained under SPS shall expire on 31 December 2013. Under the new BPS, entitlements will be allocated to farmers who apply for it by 15 May 2014 and if he/she has either activated at least one [...]

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