Comprehensive market price data from DG Agri

Following the recent interest in food price developments, DG AGRI has now released long-term monthly price data for a wide range of farm and first-stage processed products from its AGRIVIEW database. AGRIVIEW is a data warehouse providing a common repository for integrated data for DG AGRI which is normally only available to internal Commission analysts. For example, it includes financial information, market prices, tariff data, and data on export refunds. The market price data on a monthly basis from January 1997 until the most recent date, for both the EU on average and for individual member states, is now available for download as a 7MB Excel file from the DG AGRI website. Unlike Eurostat information which is supplied by national statistical offices, the AGRIVIEW price information comes from the agriculture ministries in Member States. The data are presented in tabular format as well as in attractively formatted charts. A nice Christmas present for those who like messing with figures…..

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1 Reply to “Comprehensive market price data from DG Agri”

  1. This is good news indeed. And I do like the image of your friends and family Christmas morning, gathered around the tree, full of festive spirit, unwrapping their whopping Excel files!

    I’ve long argued that the data in Agriview should be more open. This is the kind of data that people like Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web, is arguing should be made public.

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