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Mr Oettinger’s budget arithmetic

It now looks likely that the Commission MFF proposal in May will shield the CAP budget from further unexpected cuts.

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Rethinking EU budget spending on agriculture in the next MFF

How can the next Multiannual Financial Framework support a more efficient CAP?

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Another look at the possible Brexit implications for the CAP budget

Examining the financial constraints on the size of the CAP budget in the next EU Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF)

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Preparing for the MFF Mid-Term Review

European Parliament begins preparations for MFF Mid-Term Review/Revision

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Commitments to rural development spending 76% below forecast in 2014

The publication by the Commission of its second Draft Amending Budget (DAB No.2) to the EU’s 2015 budget this week reveals in stark figures the extent of the hiatus in CAP rural development spending caused by the delays in passing the relevant legislation and in approving rural development programmes. I first highlighted how approval of [...]

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MFF negotiations blown off course as European Parliament plays poker

The Parliament’s refusal to begin the planned MFF trilogues with the Council makes it difficult to envisage a political agreement under the Irish Presidency.

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How close is the EU to agreement on spending one trillion euro?

Absence of figures in the MFF negotiating box as the endgame approaches suggests governments not yet ready for the necessary compromises.

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Agricultural consequences of the eurozone crisis

The EU agricultural and food sectors, and the negotiations on CAP reform, are unlikely to remain unaffected by the continuing eurozone crisis.

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EU budget review cautious on future spending priorities

The Commission has published its long-delayed budget review which follows a public consultation on the EU budget which began as a mid-term budget review in 2008-09. An earlier version leaked last year, and apparently drafted by Commission President Barroso’s advisers (see Jack Thurston’s post on this), recommended specific targets for the reallocation of EU spending, [...]

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The future of direct payments

A study commissioned by the European Parliament endorses the ‘public money for public goods’ mantra.

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