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The redistributive payment is more effective at redistribution

The redistributive payment can be an effective means of redistribution for Member States that want to use it.

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More on capping direct payments

I want to revert to the topic of the capping of direct payments under the CAP, which I last discussed here and here. It is not the most important issue in the Commission’s legislative proposals for the CAP after 2020. But the issue of the fairness of direct payments was raised as an issue in [...]

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Wales charts course towards radically different farm policy

Wales is one of the three devolved government regions which along with England make up the four countries in the UK. Its agricultural sector is, in absolute terms, small. Around 38,400 holdings farm an area of 1.9 million hectares, with an average farm size of 49 hectares. Just over 15,000 of these holdings receive support [...]

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Why capping will be a mirage

Capping direct payments at €60,000 will have no effect as long as the loophole to deduct salaries first is allowed.

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Commission assaults rural development spending to protect direct payments

The Commission’s MFF proposal assumes direct payments will be maintained in nominal terms while rural development expenditure will be cut by one quarter over period of next MFF

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A Tale of Two Policy Documents: DEFRA vs. Commission Communication

The UK vision of an agricultural policy without direct income support for farming contrasts with the Commission Communication

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Brakes removed from voluntary coupled support

The Omnibus Regulation relaxes limits on coupled support.

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Rethinking EU budget spending on agriculture in the next MFF

How can the next Multiannual Financial Framework support a more efficient CAP?

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How Member States are implementing the new CAP

Implementation of direct payments in 2015 shows total failure of degressivity and capping to have any impact

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Leaked draft of the Commission Communication on Future of the CAP

The good, the bad and the unknown in the leaked draft version of the Commission Communication on the Future of the CAP

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Which is the best risk management tool?

Farmers would prefer a fixed CAP budget to be spent on an income stabilisation tool rather than direct payments.

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How well are CAP direct payments linked to the supply of environmental public goods in agriculture?

Direct payments do not necessarily go to the most environmental friendly farms.

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EU farm incomes in 2016

2016 was an average year for EU-28 farm income, but individual Member States experienced very different trends

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Does capping direct payments make sense?

That 131,000 farms receive one-third of the direct payments budget cannot be justified.

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CAP – out of the box thinking

RISE Foundation report argues for significant changes in the way the CAP budget is spent.

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Is a level playing field an argument for continued support to UK agriculture after Brexit?

We are pleased to publish this guest post by David Blandford (Penn State University) and Berkeley Hill (Imperial College London). The President of the National Farmers Union (NFU) of England and Wales told the Food Manufacture Group’s Business Leaders’ Forum (Feb 14, 2017) that the NFU is currently actively lobbying the UK government to ensure [...]

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More on the future of direct payments

How might direct payments be reformed in the next iteration of the CAP?

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Focus on the distribution of direct payments

Ranking direct payments by farm income shows that the 750,000 farms with the highest farm incomes receive 55% of all payments

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When is enough taxpayer aid enough?

The high dependence of Irish family farm income on public support must give pause for thought.

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Milk policy in the EU – a case of policy incoherence

Member states want to restrict milk supply on the one hand while subsidising milk production on the other.

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The dependence of EU farm income on public support

EU farms remain hugely dependent on public transfers and direct payments

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Two steps forward, one step back: coupled payments in the CAP

One of the success stories in the evolution of CAP reform has been the change from supporting the product to supporting the producer by moving, first, from market price support to coupled payments, and then by decoupling these payments. The 2013 CAP reform has reversed this process. Coupled aids have started to grow again, from [...]

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FADN data highlights dependence of EU farms on subsidy payments

Can a system in which taxpayers transfer €63,000 each year to each farmer in Luxembourg be justified?

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The distribution of CAP direct payments

The distribution of CAP direct payments was still very unequal in 2012.

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The 2014 CAP transition year

Political agreement reached on CAP transition provisions for 2014.

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Comparing support levels across countries

George Lyon MEP claims Scottish Government argument that Scottish farmers are hard done by under the CAP is not credible.

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Distributing farm payments in Ireland

Submission outlining my views on convergence, flexibility and coupling in the implementation of the Direct Payments regulation in Ireland

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The CAP budget in the MFF Part 2 – direct payment envelopes in Pillar 1

How member states direct payment envelopes are affected by the European Council conclusions on the next MFF.

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CAP reform uncertainty and the market for entitlements

Uncertainty over new direct payment regulations is affect the market for single payment entitlements.

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Impact of CAP subsidies on productivity

New study finds evidence that moving to decoupled farm subsidies under the CAP has had a small but measurable impact on farm productivity.

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Evolution of the direct payments regulation

Compare the evolution of amendments to the CAP direct payments regulation over the course of the legislative process.

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Implications of the new redistributive payment

For those member states that introduce it, the redistributive payment can introduce a much more significant degree of progressivity into CAP payments than what we have seen heretofore.

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Following the negotiations on the Direct Payments Regulation

As regards the direct payments regulation, both legislative institutions are converging on a similar set of proposals and no issue sticks out which might cause real difficulties when the trilogue negotiations begin.

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COMAGRI draft report on direct payments regulation

COMAGRI draft rapporteur’s report on direct payments addresses some of the concerns of Member States, but the overall environmental ambition likely to be delivered by this reform remains unclear.

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Basic Direct Payments for EU Farmers: The Proposal of the Commission of the EU

The EU Commission’s proposal to introduce changes in direct payments is based on the perception that a new rationale for these payments is needed. But the new justification for direct payments proposed by the Commission is not convincing as this post explains.

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The political feasibility of CAP redistribution

The demand from the new member states for greater convergence in the value of the direct payment per eligible hectare in the current CAP negotiations means that the redistribution of budget resources between the member states is now firmly on the reform agenda. But it also makes reaching agreement much more difficult.

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The future for national envelopes and Member State flexibility in Pillar 1

National envelopes to be replaced by broader scope for recoupling in Commission’s draft Regulation on direct payments post 2013.

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